Kabaddi World Cup 2015 Rules

Some Rules of Kabaddi World Cup 2015 

  1. The ground of Kabadi measures 13 meters by 10 meters and is divided by a middle line in to two halves. The ground should be in level of soft.
  2. The side that wins the toss has the choice of the court or the ride. In the second halves the courts are changed and the other side shall send their rider first.
  3. If any player goes out of the boundary line during the course of the play, he is out.
  4. A player is out if any part of his body is touching the ground out side the boundary.
  5. During the struggle a player shall not be out if any part of his body is touching directly the court or a player who is inside the court.
  6. The rider must enter the opponent’s court with the cant.
  7. The opponents try to catch the rider and hold him till his cant breaks. Then he is out. If the rider returns to his court with his cant after touching an anti-rider, that opponent is out. After a rider has reached his court is out in the opponent’s court the opponents will send their rider immediately. Thus alternately each side shall send its riders until the game is over.
  8. If a rider in a opponent’s court loses his breath, he shall be out.
  9. Each side shall score one point for each opponent who is out.
  10. The duration of time shall be two halves of 20 minutes each.
  11. The side which scores the highest number of points at the end all play shall be declared a winner.